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If your programme is over one year you do not need health insurance.
bank statement showing a balance of 73, 000 SEK per year depending on the lenght of your
Application form
tax clearance


sweden is also one on the countries with tuition free education but their is a possibility they
start charging tuition by 2010, so next year seems to be the last opportunity.

Admission to Sweden (undergraduate and Master's) is processed at
You apply at studera's site, you can choose 8 programmes/universities maximum, in order of preference.
That is, once a school admits you, other options would be deleted.
Master's admission is based on relevance of your undergraduate degree and grades. Your transcript
must be sent directly from your University to studera. Some Universities have additional requirements, which you must confirm before the deadline, because incomplete application will not be processed.

Undergraduate admission is much more staright forward, you apply also at studera's site, choosing 8 programmes/universities maximum. You will be assigned an application number and a cover sheet, which you will print and sign. Then you send 1; the cover sheet, 2; Secondary/High school result(certified
copy), 3; scratch cards(NECO/WAEC) for Nigerians! to studera's address on your cover sheet.

Dont forget! Master's and undergraduate, your application number must be written on all documents you are sending. master's student should give their university the application number to send it along with your transcript.



After admission you will need a residence permit to gain entry into Finland.
Brief requirements.
Admission letter(s)
Certificated of health insurance valid for one year
A bank statement showing a balance of 6000 euros.

The information above is not comprehensive, vital information's like schools to choose after you know which programme you want, preferable cities in terms of job availability for students would be given at your request.


Tuition free education;

According to (BBC) Finnish education is rated one of the best in the world and it is still FREE! Though the Government is planning to implement tuition for master's program soon. So it's better you take this opportunity now!

Higher education is divided into 2 (Traditional Universities and Universities of Applied sciences)
Since I am writing for international students. Master's should be more interested in the former,
while undergraduate should go for the later because they have more programmes in English.


There are 20 Universities in Finland.Universities promote free research & scientific learning, and provide higher education based on that.
Finnish universities have roots going back to 17th century. University of Helsinki is rated in the
top 50 Universities worldwide. The total university enrollment is currently about 176,500 students, approximately 5,400 international degree students.

Admission; Universities have their own admission policy, procedures vary by universities and
As a general rule, international applicants for degree studies in Finland must first fulfill the
minimum requirements of their own country.
Students should be prepared to take an entrance examination.
Good command of English must usually be certificated.

Universities confer Bachelor's & master's degrees and postgraduate licentiate and doctoral degrees.
Bachelor's degree takes 3 years
master's degree takes 2 years
Doctoral degree takes 4 years

So many master's programmes here available in english, so i cant list them for now, just ask for
your preferred programme, and i will respond with the available options and schools.


There are 29 Universities of applied sciences in Finland. Undergraduate students should take note, UAS got more undergraduate programmes in English compared
to the traditional universities.Master's programmes are also available if you have few years of working experience. They emphasize on practicals, they have close contacts with business,
and industries. they are designed to meet developmental needs of the world. The total enrollment is about 132,600 students and about 4,600 are international degree students.

The UAS degrees
bachelor's degree takes 3.5 - 4.5 years
master's degree takes 1.5 - 2 years

some available undergraduate programmes are; Informational technology,Business management,international business,
business information technology,tourism. social services,mechanical engineering,supply chain management,
paper technology etc

So many master's programmes here available in English, so i cant list them for now, just ask for
your preferred programme, and i will respond with the available options and schools.

Admission; The UAS run a joint admission system, which started since 2007, at
You fill in the form online, by choosing 4 school in order of preference(take note of that!)
Applicants are then required to submit a certified copy of their Secondary/high school certificate result.
After review, those who met the requirement would be sent an invitation letter to write an entrance examination which is held in Finland, Europe, Africa(which includes Lagos,Abuja,Accra), Asia etc.

After the exams, results and admission letters will be out few weeks later and admitted applicants would be informed by mail or you find your name at the school's website.

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Free education in the Scandinavian.

"Information is power" is a well known adage, but a fact in reality.
I have always received several emails concerning free education in the scandinavian, it was so much, I could not reply all mails.

I have decided to use this blog as a means of communicating and giving out vital information about free education in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

For a start, I will write more about free education in Finland and Sweden, because I presently reside somewhere between the borders of the two countries.

Brief Information about Finland.

Finland is located in northern Europe, and it shares land border with Sweden,Norway and Russia. The population is about 5.3 million people, their languages are Finnish, Swedish and Lappish.

The Finnish economy is one of the strongest in the world with a GDP of about 164 billion euros. The monetary units is the euro.

Pic pic pic.

Check the link at the right to view the informational you are interested in

I opened this blog to limit the amount of emails i get daily, try to leave all questions here and
i would get back to you as soon as I can. You can tell me the programmes you want(I have a book that states all available programmes Bachelor's and Master's, the problems you
are facing etc, and together we will solve that. This free education will someday end, act fast!

Check this blog frequently, because it would be updated frequently. Change is the only constant thing in life. We might be changes in admission policy or residence permit, which i will add here once I get the information.

WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!